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Check out this edition of D93 news where Edna Gerard, one our dedicated cafeteria workers is featured in a story about her years of service. Also, students in our 7th grade social studies classes are featured for a special class activity they did.


Orchestra goes to the elementary schools for the annual recruitment tour.



Band goes to the elementary schools for the annual recruitment tour.




September 11, Rocky Mountain Middle School received a check for almost $4,000 from the Idaho Dairy Council as part of grant for the Fuel up to Play 60 program. Half of the money will be used by the cafeteria to purchase a food cart and fruit slicing blades. The other half will be used for adjustable fitness ball chairs and exercise peddlers to encourage students to be more active in the classroom. We are very grateful to the Dairy Council for this generous grant opportunity.





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Rocky Mountain Middle School is the premier

school community; building the foundation for

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  • Where students strive to become responsible citizens and capable learners.
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Rocky Mountain Middle School will be the

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Rocky Mountain Middle School
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3443 N Ammon Rd.
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Fax: 208-525-4469